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Ocean Regenerative Certificate

Ocean Regenerative Certificate

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252 kilograms (556 pounds) of recovery – Go BIG and become Ocean Regenerative!

Here’s an opportunity for powerful change! Your personalized digital Ocean Regenerative certificate empowers our collection community members to stop 252 kilograms (556 pounds) of plastic from entering the ocean.

This collected plastic is exchanged for secure income and life-improving benefits which help collection communities transcend poverty and save the ocean for generations to come.

Only together can we stop ocean plastic and create a better world. Be the change you seek and take action today!

Product specifications
  • Certificates are delivered within 72 hours via email using the email from your order

  • 252 kg (556 pounds) is three times the estimated annual plastic footprint of one individual per year

Rendering loop-subscriptions
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The Stories Behind our Impact Certificates

Plastic Bank is stopping plastic from entering the ocean and helping communities transcend poverty. Collection community members in vulnerable coastal areas collect plastic waste from their local beaches, waterways, streets, businesses, and even households, and exchange it for secure income and life-improving benefits.If you have stopped to consider the damage that is being done to the ocean, felt overwhelmed by the challenge and yet began the quest for a world without ocean plastic, you’re an Ocean Steward.Plastic Bank’s Impact Certificates are an opportunity for all Ocean Stewards – families, friends and wider community – to take responsibility for their plastic footprint and stand together on the right side of history. Be the change you seek and take action today!

Building a Circular Economy

Plastic Bank enables ethical recycling in vulnerable coastal communities and reprocesses the materials for reintroduction into the global supply chain as Social Plastic® feedstock.In our communities, we are empowering local recycling entrepreneurship by formalizing informal waste collection. Exchanges are registered on the Plastic Bank app powered by Alchemy, our blockchain-secured platform that enables traceable collection, secures income and verifies reporting.

Contribution Breakdown

Where does your contribution get distributed when you buy impact products
  • 44% | Awareness & Ocean Steward engagement
  • 13% | Collection rewards & bonus
  • 13% | Development & Maintenance of Recycling infrastructure
  • 13% | Technology Development for material traceability
  • 17% | Global support team