• 1. Guide consumers and brands

    We connect communities, consumers, and businesses to be part of the Social Recycling movement that stops plastic before it enters the ocean.

  • 2. Help communities thrive

    Our collection communities exchange plastic waste as currency for additional income and life-improving benefits, helping them to pave a path out of poverty.

  • 3. Deliver traceable impact

    Exchanges are recorded through our proprietary blockchain-secured platform, enabling traceable collection, secured income, and verified reporting.

  • 4. Empower a circular economy

    By offering recycled Social Plastic® feedstock for reintegration in products and packaging, we’re giving new life to old plastic and reducing the demand for virgin plastic.

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Our members

Living on the frontlines of ocean-bound plastic pollution, our members are helping stop ocean plastic and empowering a circular economy for plastic. By exchanging plastic waste as currency for additional income and life-improving benefits, they are paving a path out of poverty.



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Join The Movement To Stop Ocean Plastic​

Become an Ocean Steward in three easy steps:

Track & Celebrate

Exchanges are tracked in the app. Celebrate with a printable certificate.

Choose Your Path

Choose how you want to contribute to stopping ocean plastic

Support Collection

Fund a plastic collection on vulnerable coastlines.

Our Partners

Meet the companies that have accepted the invitation to Ocean Stewardship

Our Ocean Stewards have stopped over 85.8 million kg of plastic

Ocean plastic is not unstoppable

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